Spinning Wheel Game

In case you want to be more cautious with your bets, there are two colors on which you can bet: red and black. Both of these colors are the only ones present on the wheel, then there is a probability of about 50% to win every time. After each player has placed their bets, the dealer then close the betting. There are several different types of wheels. Roulette is the oldest form roulette has a limited number of players (seven), own chips at the table.

Roulette is a game in which chance plays an important role. Thus, the strategies put in place over the years are not really on the way to play but rather on the bet. They are called martingales and we'll show you the most famous in the rest of this article.

The first thing to remember is that you should always play French Roulette or Roulette. Indeed, the American roulette has an additional box, double zero (00), which multiplies by 2 the most advantage of the bank. Indeed, it increased from 2.7% in the versions over 5.2% in the American variant. Similarly, the Mexican roulette, very rare, should be avoided since it adds to its counterpart across the Atlantic a triple zero (000).

Instead of wasting your money, you can get half of your bet and sometimes put into play your bet. With these rules, the bets have the advantage of the lower house only 1.35%. As with all casino games, when you engage in roulette.

It is important to set limits in terms of earnings, loss of game time and you need to stick to the goals you set out . This allows you to not risk money that you are willing to lose and do not play too long in a row that can lead you to make mistakes.

To use the classic martingale, just double your bet after every loss and return to your original bet amount after each victory. In this way, any gain cancels all your losses and allows you won some money.